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Run video uploaded

Hello, I knew that I said there wouldn’t be another post until May, but because I said I might put together some video of the cheetahs running at CCF I just wanted to let everyone know that you can view that video at the link below. Everyone should subscribe to CCF’s Youtube channel so that you are notified whenever a new video is uploaded (we have one in the works right now). Many of the more recent videos on CCF’s channel, I have created… so if you are interested many of the other things taking place at CCF, you can view them there as well. All the best…

Okakarara cubs’ first Big Field run



One response

  1. Margaret Wilkie (goddessinsecta)

    It was wonderful watching the babies run–thank you for editing and making the film clip for us to enjoy! I especially enjoyed it because I have been on bedrest since reconstructive surgery on my foot 10 days ago, and it made me forget all my pain for a few minutes. Hopefully the surgery will cure my limp and I can come to Namibia, too. I am so thankful for you and your love for the cheetahs and your involvement with CCF. Thanks again for the great film clip! Maybe I’ll dream of Africa tonight…….

    January 27, 2012 at 1:27 am

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