Following my life and work at the Cheetah Conservation Fund

Finally here!!!

So after about 40 hours “in transit” I finally arrived at the Cheetah Conservation Fund on Tuesday night. I have been really busy since then, getting to know my way around and figuring out where it is I shall be fitting in here at the CCF as far as daily routine is concerned. I am one of 8 interns here at the CCF and today we all had a meeting with Dr. Marker about what it is that needs to be done, where we should focus our efforts, and anything else useful that we might provide or be capable of doing. As of now, most of our primary duties are still being decided but we have a sense of where we may be assisting and working here at the CCF.

Yesterday myself and another intern who just arrived got to go on a short game drive through one of the main center’s cheetah camps and on that drive is where I took the pictures posted here (except for the last one who Jessica, another intern, took and I edited… she is also the owner of the camera we used). We had orientation yesterday and jumped right into a full day of work today. Tomorrow I will be assisting the husbandry staff with feeding the CCF’s 50 or so resident cheetahs that are spread across their multiple farms that make up about 44,000 hectares which is equivalent to about 108,000 acres, so that task alone will take all morning.

I’m having a great time, Namibia is beautiful, and the people here at CCF are awesome! It is going to be a very busy and tiring summer but the knowledge and experiences that I will gain from it will be well worth all of the hard work. I’ll keep everyone posted as often as I can. There will be more pictures and hopefully some video on the way! Until next time…

– Eli


2 responses

  1. Laura Leigh Beall

    Amazing!!! These photos are gorgeous, Eli! Thinking about you as you get started down there!

    June 2, 2011 at 3:58 pm

  2. Uncle Dwight

    Hey Eli! Great photos of the cats! A very exciting time, and I know that you are enjoying it immensely. Will keep posted on your blog. Uncle Dwight

    June 15, 2011 at 6:13 pm

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